Many dragons

Now you can just sit back and marvel at dragonness. I love dragons. I am obsessed with dragons. I don’t doodle through my classes; I draw these exact dragons through them. I have a draconian skeleton in my head for reference. I spent a year figuring out how a dragon wing worked. Trust me. As someone with a bit of experience, I feel confident in telling you, dragons are awesome.

Some day, when you haven’t got a moment, pause on the sidewalk, or glance out the window, until you see a bird in flight. Watch it until you can feel its grace, beauty, and freedom. It doesn’t care….it just is. Its feathers help, and dragons don’t have feathers; but this ness, this innocence, this simple and pure existing, is much more in dragons. Birds still have to worry about a couple of things—eating, not being eaten, etc. (although it must be admitted, seeing a raptor in the sky is almost as impressive as seeing a dragon soaring would be). Dragons don’t. They need to eat, yes, but they’re a little lionlike in their digestive patterns, and they’ll eat a deer and be fine for several days. Most animals are motivated by three things: eat, don’t be eaten, and reproduce. We’ve established that the first two aren’t as pressing for dragons. The third, I’m sure they have children, but they have longer lifespans than even we do; they have time for that, later. So what do they do with their lives? They have, I am sure, a higher level of consciousness than we do—and perhaps what they do with this brainpower is cast it aside. Maybe because they are smarter than us, they spend their lives, living.

Playful, carefree, diving because he wants to feel the wind against his scales and snap his wings out at the last second.


2 Comments on “Many dragons”

  1. Daniel says:

    Next to frogs, dragons are my second favourite creatures, and I love your dragon drawings! 🙂

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