OK, I know Sophie’s going to laugh at me when she sees this. That’s because she thinks it’s hilarious.

I’ll just say it. I have this obsession with fonts. I look at letters and I think about the font, not just the word. I have issues with Hoefler Text (the numbers [123, etc.] and question marks ?), although I used to love it because of the quotation marks (“”). I have this thing about Times New Roman when it’s squished by weird formatting so that it’s shorter and more stretched than normal. I also have a thing about Arial, size precisely 10 (as you can see from the “About” page as well). My favorite font of all time, however, is Adobe Caslon Pro (of course, this website won’t show it with code, so you’re just seeing this layout’s default font; but I’m sure you have it on your computer somewhere). I am just in love with Adobe Caslon Pro. I also like the Janson Text family. I remember fonts by their books; Janson Text, if you were wondering, belongs to The Mysterious Benedict Society, while Adobe Caslon Pro is from most of Tamora Pierce’s books, if you get the right copy.

I love Fanwood Text. There are a ton of books written in this font, but of them, a few are Mistborn, and Pathfinder, by Orson Scott Card. To spice it up, I also enjoy IM Fell Double Pica, or, for no apparent reason, IM Fell English. I like Galliard (Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) because of the “”s and ?s, and occasionally—sparingly—Hoefler Text. I know I said I didn’t like it, but I used it for about 3 years consecutively, so I can’t help but be a little attached. I used to be obsessed with ITC Bookman Light (Liberation of Gabriel King; you’ve probably never heard of it, it was a 5th grade reading book and wasn’t even very good). I’ve gotten over that, though. In fact, I really hate it now. The letters are too round. Perpetua (Artemis Fowl) is pretty good too, as is Goudy Old Style (The Lightning Thief).

That’s why WordPress bugs me—practically the only reason. I can’t customize. It has this weird HTML issue where you need to write the code to change the font before every single paragraph if you want to change it. Unless, of course, you buy the pro version. GAHH. Luckily, I don’t mind this font, so it’s OK 🙂

Is there anyone out there who can help me prove to Sophie that I’m not crazy? (Even though we know I am. It’s for different reasons, though!!) Anyone who thinks they’ve spotted a trend and has a recommendation? (Some trends I’ve noticed: I like large quotation marks, or at least, I hate small ones and flat ones. Some books have “flavors” to me and just belong to certain fonts, even when I don’t like the font in question, so occasionally I’ve used, say, Book Antiqua. I also like distinctive question marks—so not the limp, narrow ones, but the ones with actual depth and perhaps some sharpness. I think I like thin letters.

A word of advice: Never write a book in a sans serif font, unless it’s an email. Emails are OK to write in, say, Arial or Helvetica. I’ve found, however, that most sans serif fonts end up being distracting. Perhaps it’s just me. Blogs are fine. It’s just actual, published books.

Also, I did a science experiment on fonts once (I told you; I’m obsessed!) once. Out of Arial, Times New Roman, Century Gothic, and Courier New—four pretty common fonts—which do you think would be the most easily read? I listed them here in order of my hypothesis.

Results? Century Gothic, #1. Isn’t that weird? Century Gothic is the single font most easily (so, quickly and fluently) read out of those four. I’d suggest staying away from it, then, because I think the brain actually doesn’t process anything if you read that fast.

Further research necessary. Please comment with suggestions 🙂



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  1. Haha. Haha. Haha. I’m laughing at you Aeysh.

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