Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card, is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Let me clarify that. It’s one of the first one-of-the-best-books-I’ve-ever-read that I read. Then came NOTW, and then Mistborn, etc. Tamora Pierce’s books were probably the only ones I’d read before, so: my mind is conditioned to say that Ender’s Game is my favorite book. (Even though it isn’t, if you walked up to me and asked me “What’s your favorite book?” out of the blue, I’d automatically say “Ender’s Game” and then a few minutes later facepalm.)

Actually, technically, I suppose that all goes for Ender’s Shadow, but fewer people know of the latter.

You’ve probably heard of it, but I’ll do a very brief (very brief, because there are a million out there) summary anyway:

The Formics attacked Earth. They’re gone now, but they’ll be coming back. Ender is selected as The Child Genius of Earth to command the fleet against the Formics. And, oh yeah, the command army is comprised of…children.


Orson Scott Card doesn’t write beautifully. Not like Seraphina. But how he writes is so that you’re there, and you’re in the sceneHe writes some complicated things for younger readers, but manages to make them perfectly understandable. 5/5

Character Depth/Development

Not many of the characters are very important to the story, and of those that are, Ender doesn’t interact deeply with all of them. There isn’t an incredible amount of development. However, the characters are deep and the level of development is realistic. 5/5


This is a complex plot. I’d say not as complex as The First 2 Books, but I’d give 5.5/5.

Je Ne C’est Quois

This is definitely a book that leaves you with emotion, but…not in the same way. I’m going to give 5/5 but it’s possible it’s closer to 4.5/5. Read it yourself and tell me!


One Comment on “Ender’s Game”

  1. Noah Silver says:

    Hey, I was hoping to get your opinion on this Ender’s Game song I wrote, one fan to another. The music video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQjWFo5alac .


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